Selected raw materials

Excellent Production Environment

Bingquan’s soybean fields are located in the Sanjiang Plain of Heilongjiang Province, between 45 and 48 degrees north latitude, which is one of the world's three major black soil regions and the most fertile land in China. The agricultural infrastructure is well-developed, and the agricultural ecological environment is excellent, making it particularly suitable for soybean cultivation.

Strictly Seed Selection

The Bingquan production base strictly chooses 100% non-genetically modified soybeans from the Northeast region. Before sowing, the soybean seeds undergo a selection process using soybean sorting machines or manual selection to remove diseased, insect-damaged, and impure grains, ensuring seed purity and cleanliness above 98%, the germination rate above 85%, and the moisture content below 13%. This meticulous selection process ensures the high quality of the soybean seeds used in production.

Scientific Cultivation

Having good seeds is just the beginning; scientific cultivation is necessary to harvest the highest quality soybeans. The production base regards green soybean production standard management as the highest criterion, strictly controlling various aspects such as sowing period, sowing method, planting density, seeding rate, fertilization, pest and disease control, weed control, irrigation, and more. The sole purpose is to ensure the superior growth of soybeans. Through meticulous cultivation management, they ensure that soybeans thrive in a favorable environment, resulting in optimal yield and quality.

Production Process

Continuous low temperature dryer

Three -effect concentration


Soybean storage tank

Rough and fine grinding


R & D team

Strong R & D background

Bingquan Company has a strong research and development team with rich technical experience. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a technology innovation demonstration enterprise in Guangxi. In 1998, the company had taken the lead in establishing one of the first food-level technology centers within the region. The lab is covering an area with 350m2 with a low-temperature and vacuum medium-sized test machine. And the team now has 14 excellent members, leading by a PhD from South China Institute of Technology. Bingquan also has close cooperation with South China University of Technology and Guangxi University in the fields of soybean deep processing and plant protein applications.